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How to Become a Real Estate Agent in 60 Days

Become a Real Estate Agent in 60 Days

Ashley Sankey, a licensed realtor in Louisiana, provides the following 6 tips whether your goal is to jump in head first and get licensed in 60 days or 6 months!

Contact her for more tips at | IG & FB @ashleysellsnola | 504.689.6466


Research! Where do I start? How long will it take? How much will it cost? My answer to these common questions regarding becoming a licensed realtor is usually “it depends”. For instance, in Louisiana you are required to have a high school degree or GED, pass a 90 hour pre-licensing course as well as the state and national exams, complete a background check and lastly, “hang” your license with a broker before actively practicing real estate. Online and classroom options are available for the pre-licensing course and range from 2 weeks to 90 days. After sitting in on a class (tip: most companies will allow you to do this for free if you ask), I opted for the online course mainly due to the flexibility and ability to move at my own pace. However, there is one caveat; it requires MUCH more self-discipline! Regardless of your decision, it is vital to research everything–the cost of the pre-licensing course, extensions for online courses, broker fees, exam fees and dates/times, etc. in the beginning to avoid surprises that will delay your process.

Commit! Motivation to accomplish a goal is what gets you started, commitment is what keeps you going. Establish your “Why?” Do you desire to assist clients in what is most likely their largest transaction, the flexibility, the unlimited income potential or starting a side hustle to generate additional income? Once you identify your “Why?”, write it down and all of the anticipated outcomes that will result from making this commitment. Regardless of the timeline, you choose to become licensed, it will likely require sacrificing sleep, fun, money and/or time. Just remember, nothing worth having comes easy.

Time-block! If you aren’t already doing it, start! This simple but effective technique is essential in all stages of a successful real estate career, especially when studying for your license. Think about how many times your to-do list became so long, you end up stressed out just by looking at it? To combat this common phenomenon, prioritize each item on your list and estimate (make sure to be realistic with yourself) how much time you need to dedicate to each task. Next, add each task along with the time you will block off in your schedule that day to your planner or smartphone. Be sure to also schedule in breaks! This forces you to set deadlines to prevent getting stuck on one task which leads to frustration and feeling overwhelmed. Most importantly, remember ish happens! You may have to readjust your schedule, especially in the beginning, but over time the rewarding feeling of actually accomplishing each goal will become addictive.

Leverage! Seriously, it’s 2019! With smartphones, laptops, tablets, apps and local libraries, you should utilize the plethora of free resources available. YouTube was my #1 go-to as I found it to be extremely convenient whether I was at the gym or in my car running errands. I also used the free Quizlet app to reinforce material that was covered in my pre-licensing course and found many of the questions to be very helpful as they were similar to the types of questions on the tests. Don’t get caught up in purchasing unnecessary materials that are being sold unless you aren’t having success with the free resources.

Save! There is a common misconception that becoming a realtor is not expensive. While it may not take as much startup capital as some other businesses, there are many additional costs after the pre-licensing course and state and national exams. These costs vary but usually include broker fees, post-licensing courses, website startup fees, signage fees, business cards, photography fees, and the costs of other marketing materials. Also, you may not close your first deal for weeks or even months, so having a few months’ worth of living expenses saved is a smart idea unless you are starting out part-time.

Ask for help! Real estate is a business built on developing relationships and it is true in all aspects, not just with your clients. Most successful agents attribute much of their success to having a reliable and experienced mentor. It is beneficial to shadow an agent before you become licensed to get a real-life perspective of the business. It may feel awkward to ask for their help, especially if you don’t know them personally, but you must overcome this fear or you will miss out on a golden opportunity. Trust me, the material covered in the pre-licensing course teaches you how to pass your real estate exam, but it won’t prepare you fully for the real-life situations you will deal with as a realtor. I am so grateful that my mentor helped me gain a wealth of knowledge early on, which has prevented me from making many common mistakes.

Contact Ashley for more tips at | IG & FB @ashleysellsnola | 504.689.6466

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